Ken Corbett is Clinical Assistant Professor at the New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. He has a private practice in New York City, and supervises nationally. His writings and interviews about gender, sexuality, art, and psychotherapy appear in academic journals as well as magazines, newspapers, websites, and on television. He lives in New York City.


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Adam Phillips

On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored — The Beast in the Nursery

Ken Corbett has not needed to tell a new story about masculinity because he has so many new stories to tell...

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Tony Kushner

Angels in America — Caroline or Change

Boyhoods is a magnificently articulate guide not for the perplexed but rather towards perplexity, towards the curiosity, the intellectual exploration, and, perhaps most importantly, the respect without which understanding human psychology and sexuality is impossible...

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Judith Butler

Gender Trouble — Giving an Account of Oneself

In Boyhoods, Ken Corbett teaches us how to think gender again, as if for the first time. With exceptional sensitivity and lucidity, his deft readings of texts and case studies together constitute a terrific literary achievement...

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